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Drywall partition/ Brick wall partition/ Hacking and dismantling/ Disposal services/ Electrical reinstatement works/ Plumber works/ Aircon ducting reinstatement works/ Sprinkler reinstatement works/ and other misc works to complete successful handover


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We offer 24-7 services on office reinstatement focused on providing the best value with fast and cheap office reinstatement to fulfill customer satisfaction.


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We are providing One day reinstatement completion for small shops in malls to save rental costs for small businesses

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At the end of lease period, the tenant need to do reinstatement to the original condition of the premises and handover the premises to the landlord. Reinstatement include removal/addition of partition, Sprinkler renstatement, electrical wiring, false ceiling, cabinets, raised floor, carpets etc, painting to the original color.Office reinstatement singapore and Office reinstatement. We also do office renovation.





We do office Reinstatement and office renovation in all commercial premises

We have many years of expertise and experience handling renovation & reinstatement projects. When you engage us, expect nothing but only the best contractor! We are one stop solution for all your reinstatement requirements. We save lot of cost and you pay less than 1/2 of what you pay to your designer ID company for reinstatement. For small shops and offices we finish in 2 days so you can continue until last and vacate just before 2 days when your lease expires. We will take care of the office moving. We will take care of the disposal works. Engage us , relax, get your deposit back quickly and go on with doing your routine works ie doing your business, thats what you are specialised in.

Prices Start from $1500 for simple reinstatement of floor area 750sqft.We are a registered Singapore company, with license in Singapore to carry out building works. We cover all our works with adequate insurance cover to provide our customers peace of mind. Office reinstatement singapore. TAGS Office reinstatement Singapore, office reinstatement, office hacking, commercial reinstatement, office reinstatement cost singapore, office renovation

  • Offices
  • Doctor Clinics
  • Shops
  • Any commercial establishment in a rented premises which need to vacate after end of lease period.
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Subcontractor prices.Pay 1/2 of what you pay your designer ID firm for reinstatement. Contact us for a lowest price Quote.

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